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Igor Samokhin, Iryna Kogut

Social and economic factors contributing to inequality in test results

17 Jan 2017

Опитування учасників ЗНО-2016, у якому взяли участь десятки тисяч випускників шкіл, дозволило вперше оцінити вплив соціально-економічних чинників на навчальні досягнення.

Oleksandra Slobodian, Yegor Stadny

Ukrainian students abroad: how many and why?

13 Dec 2016

CEDOS have gathered and analyzed data on Ukrainian students in 33 countries

Mariana Kavtseniuk

How increased sholarship impacts some specialities

17 Nov 2016

Ministry of science and education considers increasing scholaships for students majoring in Math, Physics and Education in order to attract more applicants. We analyzed how it might work out.

Tetiana Zheriobkina, Mariia Kudelia, Yegor Stadny

Ukrainian National Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education: the starting point

15 Nov 2016

We conducted 17 interviews with members of the National Agency for Quality of Higher Education to find out what they think about their work

Igor Samokhin

The inequality of educational achievements in Ukrainian schools: 2016 EIT results

31 Oct 2016

What determines success in EIT? New data allow for analyis of distribution of scores and research of inequality in test results.

Iryna Kogut, Yegor Stadny

Education and science budget 2017: what does the government propose?

20 Sep 2016

The government is trying to set some change points, but in general education budget still does not look balanced. Read more about education budget proposed by the government in our express analysis.

University Transparency Ranking 2016

2 Sep 2016

Transparency of information does not guarantee high quality education, but it is necessary for enrollees', students' and teachers' informed choice.

Tetiana Zheriobkina, Mariia Kudelia, Igor Samokhin, Iryna Kogut, Yegor Stadny

Students' socio-economic portrait: survey results

30 May 2016

The survey of university students was conducted by GfK Ukraine from February 15th to March 6th 2016 for CEDOS order under the "Development initiatives of Ukrainian think tanks"

Tetiana Zheriobkina, Mariia Kudelia, Iryna Shevchenko, Iryna Kogut, Yegor Stadny

Education in Ukraine 2015: illustrated digest by CEDOS

25 Apr 2016

This digest presents educational statistics in graphical form.

Yegor Stadny

Conceptual Model of Performance-Based Funding of Higher Education Institutions in Ukraine

8 Mar 2016

This policy paper describes and localizes performance-based funding of higher education institutions model that could potentially replace the mechanism of state procurement.

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