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Open call 'Degrowth vs Right to develop'

Cedos think tank invites you to participate in the project "Degrowth vs Right to develop". The project includes writing an analytical note of up to 5,000 words, in English or Ukrainian, which will be published on the Cedos website, as well as participating in an online discussion.

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges that society faces. It is also one of the greatest injustices, affecting different groups of people in different ways. Cities are spaces in which, on the one hand, the negative effects of climate change are manifested. On the other hand, cities are the areas where different social and economic inequalities are most concentrated, and we can use their example to see how climate change affects people.

In the framework of this project, we invite participants to reveal the dilemma of degrowth and economic development on the example of cities.

  • How does theory relate to practice in different cities, can degrowth solve environmental problems?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of implementing a degrowth approach? How relevant is this approach for your cities and countries?
  • How do economic, social, and political processes affect cities, how do they deepen or mitigate the negative effects of climate change in the cities of the Eastern Partnership countries?
  • We are interested not only in the problems in the built infrastructure and environment of cities but also in key areas of urban life that may suffer from the negative effects of climate change: housing, transport, social policy, employment. How exactly do climate changes affect different areas?

Who can participate in this call:

Representatives of civil society, researchers, students from Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, who study or work on urban development, climate change prevention, social justice, housing policy, social policy, employment.

In order to take part in the competition, please send your short CV in Ukrainian or English to by October 28. As well as a summary of the main theses of the analytical note that you would like to write - up to 200 words. In the subject line of the letter please indicate 'open-call Degrowth vs Right to Develop'.

Based on the results of the open competition, we will select four ideas for analytical notes, the author of each of them will receive an honorarium of 300 euros.

October 30 - announcement of the contest winners

November 16 - the first draft of the analytical note, the comments will be added

November 30 is the deadline for preparation of the analytical note

December 1-31 - publication of notes on the Cedos website

One of the stages of this project is an online event to which we will invite the authors, where they will be able to talk about their ideas, research interests, discuss with us the idea of ​​degrowth and the right of countries to develop. The event will take place in late November.

The project is supported by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

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