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Andriy Solodko

Identification of persons in conditions of armed conflict in Ukraine

25 Oct 2017

У цій публікації ми намагалися пояснити, в чому відмінність між процедурами верифікації та ідентифікації. А також надати огляд сучасним моделям встановлення особи і запропонувати зміни, які б спростили процедуру в умовах збройного конфлікту в Україні.

Українці за кордоном та українська влада: як разом працювати для України?

21 Aug 2017

Чи розроблена в державі політика взаємодії з українцями за кордоном? Чи усвідомлюються особливі потреби трудових мігрантів, студентів, які поїхали за кордон? Чи готова держава співпрацювати з діаспорою? Чи готова створювати спеціальні програми реінтеграції? Підсумки публічного обговорення залучення українців за кордоном до реформ в Україні.

Andriy Solodko, Anastasia Fitisova, Oleksandra Slobodian


1 Mar 2017

The current system of residence registration does not perform its functions because of complicated procedure that creates obstacles to the registration of those living in dwellings not owned by them or their families. An effective strategy for reforming the residence registration is to implement a fully declarative system.

Oleksandra Slobodian

REmittances in the 1st quarter of 2016

8 Aug 2016

In 2015 National Bank data the amount of remittances for previous quarters increased as a result of revision. The question arises: whether this revision was justified and whether it significantly affected the amount of growth.

Andriy Solodko, Oleksandra Slobodian

IDPs in the first half of 2016. Overview

13 Jul 2016

Some changes have come to strengthen the social and economic rights of the IDPs

Andriy Solodko

Models of residence registration: best practives from other countries

27 Jun 2016

Tthere is a variety of approaches to citizens residence registration in the world. Overview of examples of France, Britain, the US, Australia, Canada, Germany, Austria, Latvia and Lithuania.

Andriy Solodko

EU-Turkey agreement: content and preconditions

11 May 2016

On March, 18th this year, an agreement between the European Union and Turkey was signed. It activated the process of readmission, and, Brussels hopes, should resolve humanitarian migration crisis in Greece.

Andriy Solodko, Anastasia Fitisova

Ukrainians seek asylum in the EU: real refugees or economic migrants?

1 Apr 2016

In which countries do Ukrainians seek asylum? Which social categories contributed to the increase in the number of asylum seekers from Ukraine in the EU? Why are Ukrainians denied asylum? And who among Ukrainians potentially has the right to a refugee status or other kinds of protection?

Taras Doronyuk

Immigration quotas in Ukraine

31 Mar 2016

Verkhovna Rada adopted the Law of Ukraine "On foreign labor migration", amended the Law of Ukraine "On refugees and persons in need of additional or temporary protection." Except the visa dialogue migration legislation has no changes. This primarily relates to immigration and system reforming.

Andriy Solodko, Anastasia Fitisova

Migration crisis in EU: policy statistics and analysis

4 Mar 2016

2015 was a record year for the number of asylum seekers who have arrived in Europe. This phenomenon was called "European migration crisis." We analyzed how the number of migrants varied and how European policy evolved.

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