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Andriy Solodko, Oleksandra Slobodian

IDPs in the first half of 2016. Overview

13 Jul 2016

Some changes have come to strengthen the social and economic rights of the IDPs

Andriy Solodko

EU-Turkey agreement: content and preconditions

11 May 2016

On March, 18th this year, an agreement between the European Union and Turkey was signed. It activated the process of readmission, and, Brussels hopes, should resolve humanitarian migration crisis in Greece.

Andriy Solodko, Anastasia Fitisova

Ukrainians seek asylum in the EU: real refugees or economic migrants?

1 Apr 2016

In which countries do Ukrainians seek asylum? Which social categories contributed to the increase in the number of asylum seekers from Ukraine in the EU? Why are Ukrainians denied asylum? And who among Ukrainians potentially has the right to a refugee status or other kinds of protection?

Andriy Solodko, Anastasia Fitisova

Migration crisis in EU: policy statistics and analysis

4 Mar 2016

2015 was a record year for the number of asylum seekers who have arrived in Europe. This phenomenon was called "European migration crisis." We analyzed how the number of migrants varied and how European policy evolved.

Andriy Solodko

IDPs in Ukraine in September-November 2015. Policy review

22 Dec 2015

The adoption of the Law # 2166 was probably the most important and long-awaited action. 9 months have passed since its presentation, which means human rights advocacy is weak, and lthe issue was given low priority by the authorities. However, the President had vetoed proposals and provided some changes.

Oleksandra Slobodian

Level of pressure on infrastructure caused by IDPs

8 Dec 2015

Pressure on infrastructure caused by IDPs in numbers.

Andriy Solodko

Ukraine is improving its refugee policies

12 Nov 2015

Short and structured review of the main changes to the law "On refugees and persons in need of additional or temporary protection", Code of Administrative Procedure and other laws.

Distribution of refugees between EU countries

17 Sep 2015

On September, 17th the European Parliament supported the proposal on the distribution of 120 000 migrants. We explain how it was done.

Andriy Solodko, Taras Doronyuk

IDPs in Ukraine in July 2014 - August 2015. Overview

8 Sep 2015

IDPs policy review. Participation in local elections. Changes to registration. Strategic areas of employment and protection of internally displaced persons.

Andriy Solodko, Taras Doronyuk

IDPs in Ukraine (May-June 2015). Overview

14 Jul 2015

In May-June 2015 there was no significant legislative changes that would expand the rights of internally displaced persons, but a number of important legislative acts are under development or have already passed the first reading in Parliament.

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