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Registration Reform

Step 1. Formulating the problem. A considerable part of Ukrainians do not live at their registered address. For this reason, they are limited in receiving government support and exercising their political rights. Why don’t they register and how can the situation be changed?

Step 2. Desk research. We found that 15 to 30 percent of people in Ukraine did not live at their registered address, and realized that quite a lot of people did not register their actual place of residence for some reason. We analysed the international experience, discussed the issue with experts and realized that there were two ways in which the state obtained information about people’s places of residence. We realized that in Ukraine, it was, for now, impossible to reject the institute of registered addresses, because it served as a foundation for a number of public administration fields. Therefore, we need to take a different approach, which has been tested in other countries.

Step 3. Collecting and analyzing facts. We have collected data using in-depth interviews, focus groups and content analysis. We found that people did not register because registration was tied to property rights for housing units, and the landlords refused to register tenants because of the imaginary or actual rights regarding their property, which registration gave to registered residents. We found that, due to the characteristics of the registration system, migrants could not receive the due medical services or exercise their political rights, and they spent more time on administrative services than people who lived at their registered address. The government, in turn, could not adequately distribute public budget funds between territories.

Step 4. Formulating recommendations. People should not be registered based on their property rights. It is better to use the declarative model, but to do this, we should understand the impact of registration in different spheres.

Step 5. Real-life impact. We have joined the working group under the Ministry of Interior, and now, based on the results of our research, we influence the registration reform, so that this institution benefits all the citizens of Ukraine, and not just certain groups

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