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Practical tips on establishing constructive cooperation between civil servants and NGO representatives in Ukrainian cities

In 2017-2019, the think tank CEDOS examined the interaction of municipal authorities with civil society, as well as decision-making processes in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Lviv. What decision-making mechanisms take into account the needs of residents? What practices are the best in this area? What should be done to make the interaction more effective? To answer these questions, we interviewed public sector officials and representatives and also analyzed the local strategic documents. The result of the research is a set of practical recommendations to overcome interaction obstacles between civil society and civil servants. They are quite versatile and could be applied in different cities.

The study was carried out within the framework of the "Strengthening Civic Participation in Ukrainian Cities" project with the support of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.

Illustrations by Roman Ruban

Although the text on the images uses only feminine gender-based endings, we are referring to everyone: activists, workers and city residents. To make the text easy to read, we have used the feminine gender only to denote people of different genders and balance the predominant usage of masculine endings that exists in the Ukrainian information space.

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16 Jun 2017

Вибір абітурієнтів 2016 року: гроші контрактників

Кращим варіантом для ВНЗ буде сценарій, за якого він отримуватиме достатню суму коштів і при цьому серед студентів-контрактників зараховуватиме багато сумлінних та вмотивованих людей. Ми вирішили проаналізувати, які українські університети працюють за таким сценарієм

Mariia Kudelia

26 Dec 2015

Education and science budget 2016: what the deputies adopted

State budget project for 2016 caused quite a strong reaction of deputies in the Parliament. In particular, its educational part was not supported and sent to the government for revision instead. We have analyzed the budget and present to you a comparison of spending on science and education in 2013-2016.

Iryna Kogut, Yegor Stadny

31 Oct 2016

The inequality of educational achievements in Ukrainian schools: 2016 EIT results

What determines success in EIT? New data allow for analyis of distribution of scores and research of inequality in test results.

Igor Samokhin

8 Jul 2014

Academic migration

Modern science is unthinkable without the free exchange of ideas and international research teams. However, for some countries academic mobility results in a loss of scientific potential, while other use it to enrich their human capital.

Iryna Svityashchuk, Yegor Stadny

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