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In this section we have collected all the topics we deal with. On the page of each of the topics, you can find research, events, blogs and news on this topic.


We research the topics of sexual education, admission to universities, financing of higher education, student migration.


Cedos has an urbanist media Mistosite, we organize the Ukrainian Urban Forum, and study public activism in cities.


We study the socio-economic rights of migrants, the integration of migrants and IDPs, organizations working in the field of migration.


Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have started researching distant work, as well as career paths and competencies.


We study housing policy, the socio-economic role of housing, the issue of rental housing, tenant rights and discrimination during the rental.


We conducted a study of the leisure and cultural needs of urban youth in Ukraine. We plan to explore employment in the field of culture.


We research the topics of activism, civil society development, participation and interaction of the citizens with the authorities.


We try to address the gender aspect in all our topics. Within the framework of this topic, sexual education, female migrants in Ukraine, gender aspect of choosing higher education were studied in detail.

Social protection

During the pandemic and quarantine restrictions, we explored the state of social policy sphere and its reform, as well as the security of the homeless people.


We study the interaction of climate movement with the authorities, climate (in)justice and the impact of climate change on vulnerable groups, the concept of degrowth.


We investigate the correlation between safety and security, conducted research on the safety of homeless people. We analyze data in the field of security in Ukraine.