Event summary

Ukrainian Urban Forum 2019 will take place on June 21-22 in Zaporizhzhia. The topic would be "People. City. Factory".

Zaporizhzhia is a big, complicated and very interesting city not quite explored by Ukrainian urban development actors. Tourism started to develop here however industry plays the major role. The latter influences authorities and civil society, ecology and health, quality of living and infrastructure, migration and social inequalities. Industrial objects here are so big and important and alternative is so scarce that it turned to be impossible to turn factories into coworking spaces in one go. 

How urban movements could develop in such cities? What do activists and professionals of urban development already do here? What would justice and equality look like in such cities? And what kind of insights could urban development actors from other cities have here?

Answers to these and other questions about urban development we will articulate at the Second Ukrainian Urban Forum on June 21-22 2019 in Zaporizhzhia. 

Ukrainian Urban Forum is an annual event aimed at networking and learning of Ukrainian urban movement actors. It's organized by CEDOS Think Tank. Main media partner – Ukrainian urbanist platform Mistosite. Local partner for year 2019 is Dzyga NGO. The forum is possible due to support by Heinrich Böll Stiftung Ukraine.

Registration is here. Please register before June 18.