In March, we announced an open call within a project “Leave no one behind: public participation for hromadas` recovery planning.

We received over 70 applications, which were evaluated by a selection committee of experts in participation. Finally, we are ready to announce 10 winning hromadas! The following hromadas will take part in the project:

  • Kosivs’ka hromada (Ivano-Frankivska oblast);
  • Dunaievets’ka hromada (Khmelnytska oblast);
  • Karlivs’ka hromada (Poltavska oblast);
  • Shabivs’ka hromada (Odeska oblast);
  • Serhiivs’ka hromada (Poltavska oblast);
  • Romens’ka hromada (Sumska oblast);
  • Bilotserkivs’ka hromada (Kyivska oblast);
  • Bilokurakyns’ka hromada (Luhanska oblast);
  • Valkivs’ka hromada (Kharkivska oblast);
  • Poromivs’ka hromada (Volynska oblast).

We thank everyone for their participation and hope to be able to help more hromadas in the future.

What will hromadas gain by participating in the program?

  • an assessment of the hromada’s needs in the involvement of residents in the implementation of a specific project (program, strategy);
  • identification of key challenges and limitations related to the participatory processes;
  • development of a participatory plan for the development and implementation of a project (program, strategy);
  • one participatory event;
  • brief recommendations on establishing the process of participation and involvement of residents.

The project “Leaving no one behind: public participation for hromada recovery planning” is supported by the European Union and its member states: Germany, Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Estonia and Slovenia through the “U-LEAD with Europe” Program.