Nowadays, in many Ukrainian cities, towns, and villages, vulnerable social groups are particularly at risk as they require additional care and support. Russian invasion destroyed hospitals and other care facilities around the country. Many people are stuck at home without external help. Additionally, many animals were abandoned all across the country. Russian missiles attacked and destroyed numerous animal shelters. 

Earlier, we posted how it is possible to donate to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and support our country abroad. Today we publish the list of organizations that provide assistance to homeless people, elderly people, refugees, people with disabilities, and other vulnerable groups, as well as provide abandoned animals.

  • Fundraising through the GoFundMe platform for the ‘Fight For Right’ NGO, assisting people with disabilities.
  • Fundraising for the Sant’Egidio Community in Ukraine, assisting homeless people.
  • Fundraising for the ‘Freefilmers’ collective, assisting artists in Ukraine.
  • Call for volunteers and cars in the cities of Ukraine for the ‘Starenki’ project, assisting elderly people.
  • Fundraising for ‘Shelter Ugolyok’, a non-profit shelter for animals for domestic animals from all over Ukraine.
  • Fundraising for the ‘Sirius’, the largest animal shelter in Ukraine located in the Feophanivka in Kyiv region.
  • Assistance to women victims of domestic violence through the Women for Women initiative: both financial and non-financial.
  • Fundraising for the ‘Pomogi Bezdomnomu’ initiative, assisting homeless people.
  • Fundraising for the ‘Kozhen mozhe’ charity fund, assisting elderly people, children with disabilities, hospitals.
  • The No Borders Project, assisting refugees in Ukraine: please, write your questions, requests for help and requests for donations through the project’s Facebook page.
  • Fundraising for the ‘Za Poklukom Sertsia’ NGO, assisting people with disabilities in Ukraine.
  • Fundraising for the KharkivPride NGO, assisting LGBT+ people in Kharkiv.
  • Fundraising for the ‘Fulcrum UA’ NGO, assisting LGBT+ people in Ukraine.
  • Fundraising for the ‘UA Animals’ NGO, assisting animal shelters in Ukraine.
  • Fundraising for the ‘Happy Paw’ NGO, assisting animal shelters in Ukraine.
  • Fundraising for the TU Platform to support Mariupol residents who have left the city and are now in Ukrainian-controlled territory.
  • Fundraising for Metalab to create housing for internally displaced persons.
  • Fundraising for Stabilization Support Services, which helps people affected by the war in different regions.
  • Fundraising to support the State Emergency Service. The initiative is called “Help the rescuers rescue” and is implemented by a team of public figures and the NGO “Toloka Initiative Center”.
  • Fundraising for the Charity Foundation “Humanitarian Initiatives” for hospitals, territorial defence, shelters, children and communities in different parts of Ukraine. The #BlueBox project has been launched – aid packages for families with children living in the deoccupied territories or who have lost their homes and moved to safer regions of Ukraine.

Please email us at if there are any other initiatives that should be added to this list.

The photo above: newborns in a bomb shelter in Zhytomyr, AP Photo / Emilio Morenatti