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About us

Cedos is an independent think tank and community that has been working on social development since 2010. We believe that everyone has the right to a decent standard of living. Therefore, the goal of Cedos is to find systemic causes of social problems and solutions. Our approach is based on research. We study social processes and public policies, disseminate critical knowledge, promote and implement progressive change, inform and strengthen the community that supports this change.

Full legal name – NGO Centre for Society Research.


Our goals


Everyone has the opportunity to receive high-quality education without discrimination, corruption or lack of academic integrity. Education is a universal right, not a service with limited access.


Migrants’ rights to the freedom of movement, free choice of the place of residence and their social and labour rights are protected. The government provides migrants with the appropriate aid.


Everyone has the opportunity to realize their right to the city, which includes access to resources, safety and security, the right to create a space and to be in space.


Everyone has decent housing without discrimination. The rental sector is safe and accessible. Public resources are used fairly.


Everyone works in decent conditions without discrimination. Labour rights are protected. Labour that ensures social reproduction is valued properly.

Social protection

The social protection system allows everyone to exercise their right to care and support. The state plays a proper role in the social protection of the population.



years we have been working on the development of civil society in Ukraine


thousands of people in total subscribe to our Facebook, Instagram, LinckedIn and Twitter pages, Telegram channel and e-mails


research reports and analytical notes were published in 2022


articles, columns and podcast episodes were released by Cedos in 2022


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million people were covered by our publications on various social networks in 2022

Supervising board

Yuliia Bezvershenko
Co-founder and co-coordinator of Science at Risk
Sofia Dyak
Director of the Center for Urban History
Oleksii Erinchak
Founder of the Sens bookstore, co-founder of Sensor Media
Maryna Shevtsova
Senior FWO Research Fellow at KU Leuven, Belgium, Director of the NGO "Equal Opportunities Platform"
Andrii Ianitskyi
Writer and journalist, director of website development and digital platform at Espresso, head of the Sovsky Ponds Ecopark organization


Cedos is a non-profit organization. We implicate grant funding and donations, as well as conduct research to order.

Every year, Cedos undergoes an independent financial audit, which confirms the compliance of our accounting and financial reporting with Ukrainian and international standards. Since 2016, Cedos has had the top 5 stars in the global financial transparency ranking of think tanks Transparify.

You can support Cedos to ensure the smooth running of our team and the organization's independence from grants.


Cedos funding sources in 2022

Donor or purchaser USD
International Renaissance Foundation 96 831
Prague Civil Society Center 22 677
Ukrainian Women's Fund 22 281
Heinrich Böll Stiftung 10 061
Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation 8 733
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit 7 971
ZMIN Foundation 7 219
Pro.Svit Center for Innovative Education 5 558
Affordable Housing Institute 1 750
Charitable contributions of individuals 979


Detailed information about the activities and sources of funding for the organization over the years