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Yegor Stadnyi, Oleksandra Slobodian

Ukrainian studetns abroad: how many and why?

CEDOS have gathered and analyzed data on Ukrainian students in 33 countries


Ivan Verbytskyi, Igor Tyshchenko, Varvara Podnos, Maria Gryshchenko

Оболонський район: потенціал до громадотворення 

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Mariana Kavtseniuk

How increased sholarship impacts some specialities

Ministry of science and education considers increasing scholaships for students majoring in Math, Physics and Education in order to attract more applicants. We analyzed how it might work out.

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Tetiana Zheriobkina, Mariia Kudelia, Yegor Stadnyi

Ukrainian National Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education: the starting point

We conducted 17 interviews with members of the National Agency for Quality of Higher Education to find out what they think about their work

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Ivan Verbytskyi

Бюджет участі Івано-Франківська 2016: проблеми та рекомендації 

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Tetiana Kolomiiets

Принципи економіки державного сектору та автомобілізація 

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