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Ivan Verbytskyi

Map of renovated streets in Kiev

1 Dec 2014

In mid-November "social" ads appeared in the streets of Kyiv: "The changes have begun. 14 street pavements have been repaired." Is this advertising correct ?

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Ivan Verbytskyi

Analysis of Klitschko's "Priority steps" program

18 Jul 2014

On July, 9, Vitali Klitschko presented the "Kiev mayor's priority steps program". What did he promise to Kiev citizens?

City scape

Ivan Verbytskyi

The map of housing renovations in Kyiv in 2014

4 Jul 2014

In late June the KSCA approved the list of residential houses to be partly renovated in 2014

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Ivan Verbytskyi

When will the construction of Podolsk bridge be finished?

26 Jun 2014

Podolsky bridge is the best known unfinished project in Kyiv. Promises to open it in a year or two have become a tradition for all the heads of Kyiv city, but the facility is not even half-completed yet. The main reason is money.


Ivan Verbytskyi

How Bondarenko redistributed Kyiv budget

22 May 2014

When a community has no impact on the budget, local polititians use it for their own populist purposes. For the sake of self-promotion and creation of image "efficient managers" they announce large-scale and expensive but not that important infrastructure projects.


Ivan Verbytskyi

Map of infrastructure works financed from the city budget in 2014

14 Apr 2014

In addition to the map, you can familiarize yourself with the Kyiv Program of economic and solical development

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Ivan Verbytskyi

Kiev budget 2014: How Gerega and Makeyenko wanted to develop the capital

14 Mar 2014

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