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Natalia Lomonosova

Cedos senior analyst, area coordinator for social policy

Research interests:

social policy, work and employment, labour migration

Social networks:

After joining the Cedos team in 2019, she has been mostly involved in research in the fields of social and housing policy, employment and labour migration. In particular, she co-authored research on migrant women's access to the labour market and decent work in Ukraine and housing policy in Ukraine. She has been monitoring the influence of the coronavirus pandemic on social justice, labour rights and social protection.

Besides the expertise in social research and policy analysis she has experience in management of research projects and coordination of the public events. In 2020 she coordinated an international Forum "Social Dimensions of Migration: Challenges, Rights, Hopes", organized in cooperation with the Europa-Universität Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder).

She studied cultural studies and sociology at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla academy. She has also studied social policy at Charles University (Prague) in the frame of an exchange student program. Spent a year volunteering in Autodidaktische Initiative e.V. — a center for a horizontal education, philosophy and intervention based in Leipzig, Germany.

Since 2015 is a part-time co-editor and project coordinator at online media Political Critique Ukraine.