During the Ukraine Recovery Conference in London in June 2023, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced the creation of the ‘Ukraine Facility’. It envisions the allocation of up to 50 billion euros over four years in the form of grants and loans, a special investment structure, and technical assistance. As part of the preparations to receive this funding, the Ukrainian government is preparing the ‘Ukraine Plan,’ a document outlining Ukraine’s commitments to reforms, investments, recovery, reconstruction, and modernization of the country, led by the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine.

The Cedos think tank calls on the Government of Ukraine and the European Union to include measures and funding for the development of the social housing system in Ukraine in both the Ukraine Plan and the Ukraine Facility.

Since the start of the full-scale invasion, housing needs in Ukraine have not only increased but diversified, making a need for social and adequate housing even more prominent. Housing costs have risen and become a burden for a significant share of the population. Housing, along with employment opportunities, are significant prerequisites for internally displaced people’s integration. Moreover, affordable and adequate housing is an essential prerequisite for the return of the refugees. According to UNHCR’s data, 91% of refugees who plan to return claim that their recovery depends on access to essential services, livelihoods and housing. At the same time, social housing stock is scarce and unable to cater to the growing housing need.

Anastasiia Bobrova, Cedos senior analyst

Cedos’ proposals include the following key actions:

  • Align Ukrainian housing policy with the EU policies and approaches to housing. Housing policy has to be based on the key principles such as the principles defined by the right to adequate housing, including security of tenure, availability of services, affordability, habitability, accessibility, and location.
  • Develop a system to enable housing leadership and strategic development, including drafting a National Housing Strategy and establishing a National Housing Agency.
  • Develop a comprehensive legal framework that will enable the development of social housing including the establishment of municipal as well as non-profit and cooperative housing providers that will be ready to take a long-term responsibility for social housing management and maintenance.
  • Implement capacity building programmes for local governments to assist them in delivering housing solutions and developing urban planning documents.
  • Establish a unified housing registry that will include information on housing needs as well as potentially include information on social housing providers.

We have sent detailed proposals with justifications to the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine. You can read the proposals at the following link: