The right to housing is a key social and economic human right. Housing plays a crucial role in human development. The full-scale war has caused the largest housing crisis in the history of independent Ukraine. This is a major challenge for both the central government and local authorities responsible for providing social services, including housing. Hromadas across the country, as well as civil society organisations, have been trying to help people in need since the first days of the invasion, particularly the most vulnerable who have lost their homes.

The huge wave of displaced people whose homes have been destroyed or damaged has caused many problems for Ukraine’s housing system. By 2022, it was dominated by private housing (over 90% of the housing stock) owned by single households. Both social and rental housing were marginalised. However, these two types of housing are key instruments for accommodating millions of internally displaced persons during the war. This posed many challenges for municipalities and civil society organisations trying to meet housing needs.

Cedos think tank, with the support of the Heinrich Boll Foundation Ukraine , is organising the Housing Leadership Lab — a three-day workshop for housing leaders from municipalities and civil society.

We invite housing leaders to fill in the application form and get the opportunity to join the Housing Leadership Lab! The event will take place from 7 to 9 December in Slavske, Lviv Oblast.

Who is this event for?

  • representatives of municipalities and local administrations;
  • leaders of civil society in the field of housing;
  • experts in the field of housing;
  • representatives of state authorities.

How to participate?

What are the objectives of the Lab?

  • to create a space for dialogue between leaders in the field of housing;
  • share experiences, lessons learnt and successful cases for housing development in terms of financing, capacity building, legal forms and solutions, governance, long-term development, etc;
  • to record conclusions from the experience, recommendations for municipalities and organisations interested in development of the housing projects, as well as recommendations for changes in legislation in the field of housing.

Each participant will have the opportunity to present their work, propose topics for discussion, receive and provide support to each other in working on the common problem of the housing crisis in Ukraine.