On February 24, Russia began full-scale war against Ukraine. From the first days, our team has been involved in volunteer humanitarian and information initiatives. We continue this work.

At the same time, we are also working on the area we have the most expertise in – social research and analytics. We focus today on the impact of war on the civilian population.

  • On March 2-7, we conducted the first wave of surveys to collect data on how people live, think and feel during the war in Ukraine. More than 500 answers were received in 5 days. We are grateful to everyone who took part in the study! We are currently working on the analysis and preparation of the next waves of data collection.
  • In addition, we have begun work on monitoring and analysis of the impact of war on migration, housing, education and social protection.

Many thanks to our partners for their help!

Unfortunately, Cedos team is currently not in Kyiv, and partly not in Ukraine, which imposes some restrictions on us. In times of war, we are also not able to continue working on all projects as planned, so we have to postpone or change them.

During February, we were raising funds to create a legal advisor on how to rent housing. As of February 24, we collected UAH 18,655. We thank everyone who supported us! We really appreciate your contributions. In the state of a full-scale war, we are suspending this fundraising campaign. At the same time, after the forced relocation or loss of basic income, the issue of rent remains relevant for many people in Ukraine. For this reason, we decided to start working on the preparation of the advisor in a short edition, as long as it is possible and relevant today.

We also join the calls to make donations to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine and humanitarian initiatives.

The donations we are currently receiving for our own work will be used to research and analyse the impact of the war on civilian population.