The EU candidate status opens up new opportunities for Ukraine to participate in EU funding programs in various areas. These opportunities are not yet being fully exploited at the level of territorial hromadas, although this level is crucial for the country’s recovery, cohesion, and the attraction of EU funds.

Cedos has recently launched a new project: “Strengthening the capacity of hromadas to participate in EU programs”. Its goal is to help Ukrainian hromadas prepare competitive grant applications that can be supported and receive EU funding for their development projects.

The project is implementing with the support of the European Union and the International Renaissance Foundation within the framework «European Renaissance of Ukraine» project.

What Does the Project Encompass?

The project has two components:

  • Information and training to raise awareness of available funding opportunities and their features: 3 online workshops on EU funding programs, peculiarities of project applications and exchange of experience between hromadas; information note on EU funding programs for hromadas and 2 articles on opportunities, challenges and experience of hromadas in implementing similar projects.
  • Assistance to 10 hromadas selected on a competitive basis in the process of developing their project ideas and writing project applications. In addition, hromadas will be assisted in preparing a rationale for their projects, which may include collecting and analysing information, holding consultations with the community population and stakeholders.

What will hromadas receive?

As part of the project, a team of experts who already have successful experience in grant competitions will work with the selected hromadas to develop project ideas, create project methodologies and plan activities, write project applications and prepare budgets.