It takes a few years to settle down at a new place. What can the local government and the civil society do so that the potential of the IDPs is realized? We at the CEDOS Think Tank have created a step-by-step guide for evidence-based and effective decision making about integration. Access the guide in English here

Our experience. We have developed the Index of IDP Integration in 20 Ukrainian cities and mentored the monitoring and strategizing of IDP integration in several cities. We have decided to share this experience in the form of interactive infographics.

The infographics are like a guide. It explans which steps we took to arrive at well-justified strategies of integration at the local level.

For this website, we have categorized the strategies that we already have into several parts. The title of each category describes the logic of the part: what we did there and for what. For each category, we provide as examples the fragments of IDP integration strategies which we developed for Kharkiv, Mariupol, Zaporizhia and Vasylkiv.

We are also sharing useful references to the international experience of measuring integration.

Important. The methodology provided here is not exhaustive or suitable for any city. The set of indicators you are going to measure should be selected based on the capacities and needs that you have in particular. See the lists of all the indicators that can be measured at the links to international experiences at the webpage of our online tool.

We invite you to learn about our experience, get inspired and create your own unique method of planning and implementation of integration, which is relevant for your city in particular.

The online tool and city strategies of integration were developed by the CEDOS Think Tank and the participants of workshops within the project Workshops on Monitoring the Integration of Internally Displaced Persons in Ukraine, supported by the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation.