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Valeria Lazarenko

Cedos associated analyst in 2021-2022

Research interests:

urban communities, placemaking, urban development, migration, housing, transport politics

PhD in psychology (2020), MS in social psychology (2016), BA in psychology. 

In 2017-2019 - researcher of the Eurasian Peace Studies Exchange project. Visiting researcher at the Center for Peace Studies at the UiT - The Arctic University of Norway (2017); guest researcher at the chair for cultural geography at the University of Bayreuth (2018-2019).

Joined Cedos team in 2021. Worked on the researches on the experiences of civilian population in the first days of full-scale war in Ukraine, housing and war in Ukraine, alternative housing policies in Ukraine, experiences of international students in Ukraine.

Has experience in CSO sector, including projects on social policy and child protection.

Has experience in public lecturing and discussions, events facilitation and moderation.

Starting April 2022, guest researcher at the Leibniz Institute for Spatial Social Research.